Married With Kids – How to Get Away for an Evening

Raising children is an age-old blessing, responsibility and frustration. On the one hand we have children and raise them both because we love them and a biological need to raise another generation. At the same time, we give up so much of our lives to make their lives happen and come to fruition. That can be a huge drain on a relationship and why a couple got together in the first place. This is why the idea of date night for parents is so important – you need to remember why you’re with your partner in the first place (and it’s not the kids).

So pack up the kids and the family pet with the neighbors, grandparents, or relatives to get some free time. Here are a number of good ideas that really work to create a break and a way to spark romance again in a relationship or marriage with kids:

  • Go for Crazy Drive – Take the car and just drive in any direction, and at the end of the trip after four hours or so, find a restaurant and small motel. Just the adventure alone will get the adrenaline going and the excitement. Plus, you’re not that far away to be back the next day or by Sunday on a weekend.
  • Go for a Hike and Camp Under the Stars – It’s often the case that what dulls a relationship is a so much of our daily grind. Get away from it all literally for a short weekend with a camping trip and hike in a remote location. There are plenty to pick from with state and private parks in abundance. And many sites are very clear and open outside of the summer season as well.
  • Go Exercise Together – Believe it or not, studies have proven a sustained rise in a person’s circulation and physical exertion boosts hormones that are conducive to romance. A good workout for both can really get weekend evening put into play.
  • Go Ocean-Walking – If you’re near a beach, go to the ocean. There’s something about the natural water and the sound of the surf that often brings partners closer to each other, so it’s a definite mood-setter.
  • Dancing the Night Away – If you have any rhythm in your feet, going out dancing is a great to spark up the adrenaline and get involved with each other again. After, that’s how plenty of folks met in the first place at nightclubs and similar.
  • Take a Mental Sick Day – Call in sick to work and take a mental recovery day. It will do wonders for your productivity the rest of the week, and it will give you a day focus on your partner instead of all the boring meetings you would otherwise have sit through.

Just being a bit creative can spark a relationship again. Try it, you’ll be amazed at the results just being a bit out of routine for a change.

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