Great date but a very weird and strange ending

He pulled over and stopped the car to pick her up for their date. He walked out of the car to open her.door but she had already opened the door so the man ended up closing the door and they set out for their planned location, a trendy restaurant one of the best in their city.

They ordered dinner and a bottle of red wine and they began sipping on the wine as appetizers were served, soon the main course was served. They had dinner and wonderful conversation during dinner. Hopes and morale was high for the woman narrating the story. She was very happy from the way things were going. Her previous dating experiences were not good.

After the dinner they decided to see a movie before ending the night and they proceeded to a movie theater and watched an entertaining movie and now were on their way home. She was very pleased with her date and everything went very well and they were so happy that she concluded that she had found the right man after all and she thought they would be together ever after. As they drove near her home she decided to do something she said she never did on any of her previous first dates.

She asked him if it was okay for her to spend the night with him in his place. The man gladly accepted and they changed course and headed over to the man’s apartment. Along the way they picked up few more bottles of wine and soon they arrived at his place. They walked into the house and spent some more time talking on the couch and watched some late night shows as they enjoyed more wine.

Soon she wanted to take shower before bed time. She went into the shower. When she came out he walked her into a very romantic red and blue dimly lighted bed room. Soon the man joined her on the bed. They made great love and slept holding hands. It was a perfecting night and in the morning he had to leave early for office and she was off for the day. The man had no trouble let her stay in his apartment after he left and dropped taxi money for her on the table because she did not drive.

She started getting ready to leave about noon time and took her shower and needed to do what we all do once in a while in the toilet. After her poop she flushed the toilet and realized the toilet was broken and she did not know what to do and obviously did not want to leave the toilet unlashed. There was nothing in the bathroom to use in flushing it so she came up with a plan to scoop her poop from the commode into a plastic bag and take it with her and dispose when she leaves his place because he does not want him to see her poop.

To cut the long story short, she soon dressed up and called her taxi while she put on her makeup. After twenty minutes the taxi pulled in and blew the horn. She quickly hurried up and left the apartment after putting the inside door lock. As soon as the door slammed she remembers she forgot to pick up the poop to dispose at the nearby dumpster. She had no way to go back into the apartment and it was a night mare for her and she did not know what else to do. She was so embarrassed that she could not even call the man ever on the phone, and if you guessed right the man never called her on the phone ever. What a weird and strange end to this perfect date.

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