4 Dating Tips for Rich Men

A rich man needs loving just as well as a poor man. A woman soon learns that the best way to a man’s heart is not good food, but good communication. Sure, money makes the world spin, but so does the great companionship, and love. If you are a rich man, and you have more money than time, and no woman to call your own, you are in big trouble.

Every woman wants a rich man that can give her all the things her daddy couldn’t. However, it is your job to watch out for the spoiled brat, while protecting your interest. Dating can be fun and exciting, but it can also be adventurous and informative. This is the time, you can critique your date, and take notes.

Here are a few dating pitfalls you want to avoid;

The Excessive Talker

Your conversation should be basic. Both you and your date should begin with asking simple questions like what kind of work do you do? What are your favorite colors? What kinds of foods do you like? Your first date should not be a silent movie, where your date is the only one doing the talking. This is a problem you want to walk away from, with no hard feelings.

The Overly Curious Woman

A woman that comes off asking personal questions is nosy and perhaps bossy. Your personal life and personal information is not an appropriate subject for a first, second or third date. When your date begins asking questions about your past, your family and friends, and how much money you have, it’s time to run.

The Damsel in Distress

A woman who is always experiencing financial difficulties, or who always plays the victim is nothing but drama, with a capital “D”. This type of woman comes with more baggage, than you can fit in your living room. Don’t fall for the old trick of “Everyone is always picking on me.” If you do, you will be in a “web” of trouble.

The It’s All About Me “Syndrome” Woman

This is the selfish woman who only want what you can give her. Her entire conversation is about her life, her accomplishments, her dreams, her needs and her wants. No one else exists in her world, because her world is all about where she is now in her life, and where she plans to be. The words “Us” or “We” is not likely to come up in a conversation.

The average woman wants a man that can make her smile, and pay her a compliment. The woman you want does not look at you as being a checkbook, or someone that can satisfy her every whim. When you meet the right woman, you will feel it and so will she.

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