Dating and Safety Tips for Nudists

Being a nudist, you engage in the practice of going naked whenever possible. Because of this, it is best to find someone who is a nudist as well. When you are a nudist, and dating someone who is not, it can make the relationship, and you lifestyle difficult. Meeting other nudists is not as difficult as you may think.

Internet Dating

Thanks to internet dating, it is possible for all types of people to meet someone who they have something in common with. There are several specialized sites for people with alternative lifestyles, including nudists. The top five nudist dating sites include:

  4. Local Nude
  5. Naked Dating

Online Nudist Forums

If internet dating is not your thing, there are several forums and chatrooms online where you can meet people. is one of the most popular sites to meet like minded people.


There are several vacations that you can take to spend time with other nudists like yourself. One of the best places to visit are all inclusive nude beach resorts. These clothing optional resorts offer fun, sun, sand, and the chance to meet people.

  1. Temptations Resort, Cancun, Mexico: A couples only, topless optional resort. This resort has a naughty nightclub with themed events.
  2. Couples Tower Isle, Ocho Rios, Jamaica; This all inclusive resort has a clothing optional island just offshore.
  3. Desire Pearl, Cancun, Mexico: This adult getaway is an all inclusive resort for vacationers with a wild side.
  4. Club Orient, St. Martin: This is a popular getaway spot for nudists. It is located on the most famous nude beach the Caribbean, and is family friendly.
  5. Hidden Beach Resort, Riviera Maya, Mexico: At this popular resort, you can be fully nude at the pool, and even in the restaurants.

Dating and Safety Tips for Nudists

After you have finally met someone who has the potential to “be the one”, the next step is the first date. It is important to keep the first date fun and safe. Here are a few tips for a fun and safe, first date.

  1. Keep it casual: The first date, especially if it is the first meeting, should be casual. Coffee or lunch are both great ways to meet and sit down and talk for the first time.
  2. Meet somewhere: When it comes to the first date, it is a good idea to come up with a spot to meet at. Taking your own vehicle, and not disclosing your address right away is smart when it comes to safety.
  3. Wait to introduce the nudity: When you meet someone either online or at a nudist resort, you already know that you both have that in common. It is a good idea to get to know each other on other levels before bringing nudity into your dates.

Meeting fellow nudists is not as difficult as you may think. As long as you know where to meet people,and know how to date smart and safe, you can find love with a fellow nudist.

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