The Solution for Men Finding it Hard to Get Dates With Women

Men all over the world say the say thing, “It is too hard to get women to go out on a date.” Even those men who manage to secure a first date often return home alone with just a large credit card bill to show for it. Probably more painful is when women break up after a few dates, claiming incompatible.

Is there anything men can do? Well, yes there is. The first thing a man needs to do is face reality. Think about the things that women desire. Then, try to meet those wishes. The best approach is to accept that women expect a lot from their men. Try to be a little of everything to her.

Here are the general types of men out there in the dating scene. Every man should avoid pigeonholing himself into only one category.

1. The Intelligent Man

These are the educated guys. They have college degrees that they use to impress dates. Intelligent guys may have belonged to the exclusive fraternity in college. These men bring these facts up on dates.

Initially, credentials may impress women. However, no man can live by diplomas alone. Eventually, she gets bored and that is when he winds up dumped.

2. The Strong Man

Athletic types score a lot of women, it seems. They have the physique that attracts dates. Their apparent muscular prowess in bed can be an advantage, as well. Moreover, women may feel secure in the presence of a man she knows can beat up anyone who threatens her.

Yet, these men also have difficulties. Eventually, a woman wants somebody she can talk to about important issues. Some jocks care only about sports.

3. The Financially Successful Man

The “Wall Streeter” has done all the right things to secure his financial future. He has a house in the suburbs, or, these days, maybe a downtown condo. His retirement plan receives the maximum contributions each pay period. He can afford to take his women out on expensive dates and vacations.

Nevertheless, women quite often tire of being dependent on someone else’s money. These are the same men in divorce court. Yep, she will still get to enjoy his money, just with a new guy!

4. The Funny Man

It is important to have a sense of humor. A man who can make women smile has it made, at least at first. He can easily get women out on dates because they feel comfortable around him.

However, funny guys can also get on women’s nerves. They can seem too careless.

5. The Attractive Man

Pretty boys obviously do well with the ladies. They have the looks that the opposite sex finds attractive. These men have spent a lifetime receiving compliments and overtures.

In the dating world, their problem arises in looking too good. Many women want to be the most attractive one in a relationship. They can feel insecure around a “prettier” mate.

The Solution

The problem is that men are usually just one type. To be more successful on the dating scene means working to be all of the above. You have to be able to speak with intelligence and authority (intelligent man), while exuding strength and confidence (strong man); but, one must not forget to have their finances in order (financial man); and, being able to laugh at life is essential (funny guy). Last, though nobody can change his face or height, every man can take good care of himself. Keep a fresh haircut. Wear clothes that fit. In addition, physical exercise is a must.

You, as a result, will become the total package that women look for on a dating site.

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