When you make the decision to end a relationship, it will likely be heartbreaking for your girlfriend. Your breakup should be delicate. You should try your best to hurt your soon-to-be ex as little as possible. Even if you can’t stand her anymore, you want to do your best not to hurt her. The last thing that you want is a reputation of a cold hearted, heart breaker. This type of reputation will make it difficult for other women to like you and trust you. If you feel that you really want to end your relationship, there are a few ways that you can without looking like a jerk.

Break Up in Person

If you want to break things off with your girlfriend, you should do so in person. Ending a relationship through text or email is a bad idea. Even a breakup over the phone is a bad idea. People talk after a breakup. You do not want other girls knowing you as the guy who breaks up in a text message. Even though it could be messy, you should have the courtesy to break up in person.

Avoid Public Breakups

You may be tempted to break up with your girlfriend in public, to avoid the yelling and the crying. This is a bad idea. If you take your girlfriend to a public place to break up, and she starts getting emotional and begins crying, you will look like a jerk. Nobody wants to be in the awkward position of witnessing a breakup, therefore, you should not put anyone in that position. You should do everyone around the courtesy of breaking up in private.

Holidays and Special Occasions

The worst thing that you could ever do is break up with someone on a holiday or special occasion. If you are ready to break up with your girlfriend, two days before Christmas, you should wait. It’s bad enough, you will be hurting her when breaking up, the last thing that you want to do is ruin her Christmas as well. You should also avoid breaking up with her on, or close to her birthday. Doing so will make you look like a jerk.

Avoid Her

If you broke up with your girlfriend in the afternoon, and have a date with another girl the same night, you should avoid taking her anywhere that your ex could be. If she sees you walk in the room with another girl right after your breakup, she is likely to cause a scene, making you look bad in front of your date. If this happens, chances are you will not get a second date.

Make Sure that She’s Not the Last to Know

If you are planning on breaking up with your girlfriend, she should be the first to know. If you go around telling your friends and posting your intentions on Facebook, it will make you look like a big jerk. You should have the decency to hold off on telling other people until you tell her.

Don’t Insist on Being Friends

Right after a breakup, it is difficult to be friends. After a few months it could be possible, however, it is not a good idea to insist on it right away. Being friends and still spending time together will only give her hope that you are coming back. The best way to make a clean break is to let her be on her own for a while.

Keep it Off Social Media

After you break up with your girlfriend, you should never post all about it on your Facebook status. If she sees this, or her friends see it and tell her, it can break her heart even more. This type of behavior will only make you look like a jerk.

When you breakup with your girlfriend, it will break her heart. The best way to do so without causing too much damage to her or your reputation, is to break up without looking like a jerk.


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