10 Things You Should Know When You are Dating an Australian Woman

10. Cuddling is the Best

Aussie women are affectionate and they love to cuddle.  Cuddling is great, especially when the weather calls for it!  These women loved to be swaddled in a man’s love and affection.  What’s better than knowing you are important to someone you care about?  Cuddling helps melt stress and other problems of the day away.

9. Love a Great Kisser

Aussie women adore a great kisser.  If you’re a great kisser, you’re halfway there!  If you’re not a great kisser, it’s never too late to learn.  Pucker up and give an Aussie woman the best kiss of her life.  You will be glad you did in the future.

8. The Best Friend Factor

A lot of women have the best friend factor in place.  In the instance of dating, you have to have the approval of their best friend in order to pursue a relationship.  If her best friend doesn’t care for you, you may as well move on to the next Aussie woman and try to win the approval of her best friend.

7. Rejection is Okay

In the land of Aussie, rejection is okay.  In other places in the world, rejection is a big deal, but if an Australian woman rejects you, it’s no sweat.  You can still hold a meaningful conversation, have drinks, go out for a night on the time, hang out,and spend time, but you will know that she is not interested in you from a relationship standpoint.  Aussie women are honest and upfront.

6. Let Your Intentions be Known

Whatever your intentions are when you meet an Aussie woman, let your intentions be known.  There’s no sense in hiding behind a lie or putting up a facade to land an Aussie woman.  9 times out of 10, you will be the one to be embarrassed and a time waster.  State what you want upfront.  You will be surprised how far honesty gets you.

5. Accompany an Aussie Woman

An Aussie woman loves to be accompanied.  She may not have to be accompanied, but the fact of the matter is, she would like be accompanied, so don’t let her attend events alone.  Be a gentleman and let her hang on your arm to the events of her choice.

4. Don’t Try to Understand

A common mistake men make when they date women is they try to understand them.  Women are complex creatures, and it takes a complex mind to understand their thoughts.  Instead of tying to understand why they would say or do the things they do, just respect it, and you will get a lot further in the relationship.

3. Purchase Flowers

Aussie women love flowers.  It may seem corny to purchase flowers for a woman, but if it’s something they enjoy, why not?  Don’t grab the first flowers you see.  Take your time and find flowers that are colorful and co-exist with each other.  A bouquet of flowers means a lot more than you think.

2. Never too Busy

If the love is real, Aussie women make time for their mate.  Regardless of their work schedule or any events they have planned, they will always make time for the man they love.  You need to make sure you do the same.

1. A Great Smelling Man

The one thing that melts an Aussie woman’s heart is a man that smells fantastic.  A great smelling man can catch an Aussie woman’s attention and keep her hooked for the conversation, and whatever else the day or night brings.  Wear a cologne that flatters you and makes you smell like a sweet dream.

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