Advice for American guys Dating Brazilian Women

Are you an American guy interested in dating Brazilian women, your effort will be made easier if you only understand more about Brazilian women and their culture. Some people make the mistake by generalizing that all women are the same regardless of their national origins and culture. This statement is not true. There are many different cultures in the world. Each culture has its own sub cultures and ethics and values.

Even within the area of Brazilian national culture there are also differences between the ethnic groups Brazil. There are also issues with upbringing. The goal of this article is to arm you with information of what you should know when you are looking for relationship with a Brazilian woman. But also bear in mind that this a general guide which may not apply to all situations.

Family Structure in Brazil

There is a very important factor in family relationships in Brazil. Many Brazilian families are close to one another even if it is an extended family relationship. Many family members in Brazil tend to live close to their fathers and mothers. The same situation may also apply to aunts, nieces, nephews, cousins and others.

Brazilian mothers play more active role in raising children and in fact are considered as more important than men on issues of raising children. There are not too many people that live alone in Brazil. The important point for you to take out of this is that the Brazilian woman of dating age may naturally still be very close to the parents particularly their mother, and the mother’s opinion is likely to play an important role in her decisions.

Marital rules of engagement in Brazil

Married couples in Brazil rarely go out individually for socialization. What is often known in the U.S as ‘Night out for Boys’ or ‘Night out for Girls’ is not common in Brazil. Flirting opportunities for married couples is rarely available. Men may still go to play soccer, a very important sport in Brazil, and married women may go shopping or to have coffee, but married couples rarely go out at night independent of their partner.

No visits to strip Clubs for Married men in Brazil

Brazilian men are unlikely to go flirting with strippers in strip clubs. It does not mean that married men may not go to strip clubs. If they do, chances are they are hiding such visits from their wife. If their wife finds out on their own, that can elicit very strong reaction. One of my Brazilian friends told me a story of how he sneaked out of the house to visit nearby strip club until his wife found out. He told me she did not sleep on the same bed with him for two weeks.

Check List of suggestions for dating Brazilian women

  • No need to spend thousands on diamond engagement rings, simpler and inexpensive engagement ring or wedding bands is enough
  • Brazilian woman may not wait for you to propose, joint proposal is usually the norm
  • Kneeling down to propose to a Brazilian woman is weird and strange to their culture
  • Family consent is necessary after the decision is made by the partners
  • Bachelor’s party not part of Brazilian culture
  • Excesses with hookers and strippers on bachelor’s eve party unwelcome and regarded as cheating
  • Brazilian men and women are too passionate about their lovers, and they tend to be too possessive
  • Brazilian women are raised to be exhibit more feminine behavior in all instances

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