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    HappyChristianDating.com Review

    https://happychristiandating.com/ is a casual dating site that caters specifically to Black African, Caribbean, and other Black ethnicity singles. The site is free for a basic profile and match capability, with paid-for enhancements such as increased visibility and webcam chat. The sign-up process is pretty straightforward, allowing new members access after designating a few profile details such as match preference, birthday, and ethnicity. After setting up a password via email, users are allowed to fill out more in-depth profile information. This includes an “Ice Breaker” introduction message, a detailed “about me” section, and what they are looking for in a match. It also recommends users upload a photograph to increase their…

  • online dating

    Taking a Look at JakobDating.com and What It’s all About

    The dating website JakobDating.com offers matches around the globe even though it has a European domain ending. It requires the creation of a free account before being allowed to look around, and pulls matches based on the user’s IP address. Presumably, if a user is logging in with a proxy server, the site brings back hits that are in the same geographical area as the IP that’s presented to it. The site does not dial in to the local area of the user; instead, that is up to the user to define in order to get profiles that are in the immediate vicinity. Otherwise, the profiles that are presented are ones that the…

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