Top Resources to Survive Dating

There are a wide range of dating resources out there that fit almost any dating problem you might encounter. When you want to find love there may be some guides and tips that you need from time to time. Or even if you already found the love of your life sometimes it makes sense to go the extra mile for a better relationship. We have compiled a list of different websites, blogs, and books that can help you out significantly.

This way, you always have a place to turn when you have questions or need a little guidance.

Dating Websites

Bisexual Dating (

This website helps you to meet up with the bisexual as well as the bicurious. It can be ideal when you’re trying to find a partner and the entire website is secure, ensuring that people will only be able to find you if they are members, too.

Large Friend Finder

You may be large – or you want to find large people to become friends with. You simply have to fill out a few basic details about yourself and you can begin finding people within your area as well as across the country.

Christian Dating Website (

When you have Christian values, you may want to find people who have similar views. This Christian dating website has made the difference for a lot of people who are actively trying to find “the one”. The site has a lot of members and matches can be provided automatically.

Marrying a Millionaire

Some people of marrying into the high life and that’s the concept behind the Marrying a Millionaire website. Many millionaires don’t have time for the dating game, but they want to enter into a happy marriage. This site makes it possible to learn about the possibilities.

Uniform Dating

There are many people who dream of dating or marrying someone who is in the military. Men and women alike are part of the site and they offer man/man, woman/woman and man/woman dating options so you can find a uniformed partner to spend the rest of your days with.

Dating Blogs

Baggage Reclaim (

This dating blog focuses on women who need to get over the fact that they were in a bad relationship and ditch the baggage.

Online Dating Post (

This is all about the online dating life and how the dating industry works in today’s day and age. It can be great if you’re out in the dating scene and need some survival tips.

Advice from a Dating Expert (

A single expert can be the best one to listen to. The dating blog has information about finding guys and girls and a lot of advice on how to improve looks.

40 Days of Dating (

The 40 days of dating has been turned into a book. It started out as a couple dating for 40 days and answering questions about how things were going. It’s a social experiment that helped men and women understand a lot more about the dating scene.

Dating Books

All the Rules by Ellen Fein

This is a book that combines two books by the author. It helps women to focus on Mr. Right and who that may entail.

Dating After 50 for Dummies by Pepper Schwartz

The Dummies book covers it all for people who are over the age of 50 and trying to get back out there.

Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov

The book is actually written by a woman, so it is not misogynistic. Women who are “too nice” will get a wake up call from reading this book.

Rules of the Game by Neil Strauss

This book is aimed at men who want to meet and date women, lots and lots of women. It focuses on the rules of attraction and how one can really acquire game.

The Mystery Method by Mystery

This is a handbook that focuses on the art of how to pick up women. The subtitle is “How to Get Beautiful Women into Bed”.

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