Dating a single dad? Know some basic rules

If you have fallen for a guy who is impressive, have sound job and handsome but is a single dad, you need to be patient and keep your cool always. For a healthy and steady relationship with a single dad, the thumb rule is to understand his priority. His kids will be his top priority, and you might find him struggling hard to divide his time equally among his kids, his job and of course YOU.

Some of the basic rules which you may follow as the tips for a strong and effective relationship with a guy who is single handedly responsible for parenting his children are listed below:

  1. Always understand that his kids are his priority- Never ever complaint to your guy about him giving most of his time to his kids. It is you who need to understand that his kids are his priority. This will ensure trust and built healthy relationship between both of you.
  2. Don’t involve children in dating- Children should not be involved in dating issues until and unless you are in a deeply committed relationship and are planning to take it to a next level.
  3. Be a friend & an admirer- Be sure that you are a friend of your guy before being in a relationship. Give him space to open up, share his sensitive side with you and you will end up having a strong bonding beyond words. 

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