How to Have Fun on the First Date!

Generally, first dates are usually nerve-wracking. Have you had sleepless nights and appeared with black marks around the eyes on your first date and the date turned out to be so boring and unsuccessful. Certainly, you don’t want this to happen yet again, so you should know how to have fun on your first date.

5. Dress comfortably

If you are too spiffed up, you will look like you are trying to be someone else or trying to hide something. Conversely, if you are putting on sweat pants or the likes, it will appear like you are a slob who does not care about your date or appearance. So select an outfit that is beautiful, comfortable. If you don’t have an idea of what to wear, inquire from a friend and if at all possible of the opposite sex.

4. Do not be needy

Don’t keep asking your date if you look fine, if the date is okay, if they are having fun or don’t keep apologizing for little things you do not like about yourself. These are some of a date’s turn-offs. You certainly are as you are. So you have to be proud of it. If all goes well, that will be okay. If they do not like you, you will have to accept it. You can’t change an awful outcome by apologizing every time; you will only make everything worse.

3. Choose a comfortable venue

First dates ought to know each other. So, put away your phone and be an attentive listener, ask a lot of questions, and sure that you are going to a location that allows you to talk to each other. On your first date, avoid movies, plays, concerts, and activities that put your focus on something different other than you two.

2. Relax

At times trying to get things right, particularly when you are trying to plan an extraordinary date, can be so stressful. Do not let that get to you. The day is not about the details; it is actually about getting to understand each other. Therefore, whether you get lost on your way, your reservations fall through, you spill a liquid on yourself, or whatever happens, stay cool. Take minor mishaps as an icebreaker, to well know each other much better. Genuine behavior is what should happen and not perfection.

1. Be yourself

It is easy to lose confidence when you only have one chance to make that first impression. However, pretending to be someone that you think your date wants you to be will definitely get you nowhere. There is no way you will seem real if you spend most of the time working hard on your act. Even if you pull off being someone else, eventually all you will be doing is making your date fall for a fake idea, and it is only time that will determine how everything will go.

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