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Review of the Popular Fuck Buddy Site

There are plenty of men and women out there either looking for a fuck buddy or looking to be one. Hey, everyone is free to make their own life choices. is the place to meet that special someone who can complete the missing pieces of your life.

For those who have been contemplating setting up a Fuck buddy account, here is a comprehensive review.

Types of Accounts

The site has two basic kinds of accounts and an option to upgrade to the VIP level. First, is the free trial membership level. Anyone can apply to open this type of account. You can view other profiles and send messages.

Next, is the paid Gold Membership. There are various ways to pay. Credit card, bank transfer, and cash are all listed as methods of payment.

Last, there is the VIP level, with exclusive benefits.

It is possible to get upgraded without paying. At times, the administrators send out messages informing users how to receive a free upgrade.


Users can upload photos of themselves to a profile page. This feature is the key to making the right love connections. They can also view and contact others through a variety of means, such as, text messages, chat rooms and video messages.

Main Benefits

Probably the main benefit of this site is the wide range of members. You are not limited to just men and women from one part of the world. There are people from everywhere. Also, the site makes it easy to contact users you find attractive and want to meet.


There not many negatives to Fuck buddy. It seems the administration has worked out most of the kinks. A few people have reported difficulty getting a membership started via cash. However, this issue probably has more to do with the delivery time of the money than anything that the administration has done wrong.

Overall Impression

The name of the site says it all. You can go here to find hot women and men who are looking for a soul mate.

Online dating has created a host of opportunities that people in the past could only have dreamed. For example, you can meet a woman from Russia or Brazil online and get to know her prior to getting a travel visa. In the old days, you would have had to travel to these places first. All it takes now is a few clicks of the computer buttons. So, for this convenience, we have to give Sugar Daddy “two thumbs up!”

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